Bandai Namco says its “IP axis strategy” will expand to the Metaverse

An investment of around £96million is also being made

During the company’s most recent earnings call, Bandai Namco announced that it is going to expand what it calls the “IP axis strategy” to encompass the Metaverse.

The Elden Ring publisher says that the main goals of the IP axis strategy are to “boost capability to create IP” via structural changes and to “invest aggressively in IP creation,” meaning original game ideas should be coming out of Bandai Namco over the next few years. The three points in the strategy are as follows (according to this document):

  • Strengthen new IP
  • Investment, implemented initiatives to nurture
  • Strengthen established IP

A mid-term plan document (from April 2022 to March 2025) says the “IP axis strategy” will be the publisher’s biggest strength, and that it wants to connect with fans via the Metaverse.


“On an IP axis, Bandai Namco will develop a metaverse for each IP as a new framework for connecting with fans. In this IP Metaverse, we are anticipating virtual spaces that will enable customers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment on an IP axis,” said the document (as spotted by VGC).

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: Bandai Namco.

“Through the IP Metaverse, we will establish communities among Bandai Namco and fans, as well as among fans themselves,” it continues. “Through these communities and content, we will build deep, broad, multifaceted connections that continue for long periods of time, and we will focus on the quality of those connections.”

Whilst there is no specific reference to what Bandai Namco thinks the Metaverse is, or exactly what the company’s version of it will look like, it says ¥15.0billion, or roughly £96million by current conversions, will be invested into the project.

President and representative director of Bandai Namco Masaru Kawaguchi also said in a statement from April of last year that “the IP axis strategy is the greatest strength of the Bandai Namco Group. Through this strategy, we provide the optimal products and services in the optimal regions at the optimal times.”


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