‘Battlefield 2042’ bullet spread is already being changed

A good excuse for missing those headshots

Developer EA Dice has said that Battlefield 2042’s bullet spread is already receiving attention with changes planned.

Battlefield 2042 is available now for those who purchased the gold or ultimate editions of the game, or those jumping in for a trial through EA’s subscription service EA Play. However, players have noticed a problem with some of the weapons.

Players have found that weapons in Battlefield 2042 will sometimes miss the centre of a reticule. This is sometimes called “bloom”, where a bullet will land within an area near the centre of a crosshair, but not always precisely where it is aimed. Developers use this system to introduce inaccuracy for weapons that might be too powerful at specific ranges. However, many fans say there are better ways to balance weapons.


One player tweeted about the issue and tagged a member of EA Dice (via Charlie Intel). The initial tweet said, “Agreed. Way too much spread on guns at the moment, I want shots to hit where I’m aiming. I’d love the know the design decisions that went into these changes…”

The Battlefield 2042 lead game designer, Florian Le Bihan, responded saying, “Thanks for the tag, we’re looking at weapons already and are planning on a few changes regarding spread. Not date or specifics to share for the changes yet though.”

Several clips have been shared to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit showing clips of rounds missing targets, despite the crosshair being placed clearly on a player. It’s worth noting that this does not affect sniper rifles.

Twitch streamer Shroud has discussed the addition of weapon bloom in Battlefield 2042, saying the feature “doesn’t feel very good” and adding that it “rewards worse players”.


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