‘Battlefield 2042’ maps and vehicles are getting big changes

“We’ll return in a couple of weeks with a new topic for core feedback”

EA has been taking feedback from players of Battlefield 2042 on board, to see what it could do to improve the game, and it seems the first major changes are now on the way.

Over on the official Battlefield blog, EA’s Battlefield community lead Adam Freeman went into detail about the changes that are happening, and some more that are under consideration.

“We shared that the first map in need of changes is Kaleidoscope, which through your feedback you’ve confirmed to us is the right call,” said Freeman, adding “However, you’ve also shared with us that Renewal is another map that really needs to see changes made to it. We hear you on that, and we’re looking to deliver a refreshed version of Renewal alongside Kaleidoscope as part of season one this summer”.


Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA Dice.

Freeman also explained that while Battlefield 2042 players are asking for more transport vehicles on the map, this isn’t something the team can do as a short term solution as “this has the potential to impact our separate work on improving game performance,” though he also conceded that “we do hear you on this and want to do what we can to approach the problem from different angles”.

The blog says that one way the developer might be able to limit the time spent on foot is to “change the distribution of vehicles across our selection pools”. EA is investigating how certain vehicle changes might affect the gameplay, by featuring the two-seater M5C Bolte as part of the armoured vehicle pool, for example.

Elsewhere, Freeman explained that back in early March when initial plans were laid out and an improved scoreboard was added, the developer realised that there wasn’t enough cover available across the maps in Battlefield 2042 to ensure safety between flags.

The developer released images to showcase new cover obstacles for maps Kaleidoscope and Renewal, but also elevation of terrain to block line of sight in some cases, which you can see in the image below.


One of Battlefield 2042's many changes
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA Dice.

There are a lot more changes coming, too, some of which are related to making the game a more immersive experience. Again using the Kaleidoscope map as an example, there’s a gazebo in location “B1” that is being turned into a military instalment instead. Grass is replacing mud, and the area will be covered with barbed wire.

Another major alteration is that the number of attack vehicles and helicopters that can be active at any time in a 128 player match will change from three to two. Freeman says “This means you’ll only be able to encounter two tanks, and two attack helicopters available at any time, instead of three each.”

The cooldown on these vehicles is also being changed from 60 seconds to 120, and this is all in order to reduce the intensity of the 128 player mode, as feedback suggested it was simply too chaotic around objectives. This ties in with the fact that some people are preferring to play the 64 player modes.

The first changes are going to be rolled into the next update, and will focus on the vehicle play and availability. Then the team is going to address the cover and line of sight issues on the two maps mentioned, which will happen during season one. In a couple of weeks, EA will then gather more feedback in relation to Battlefield 2042’s specialists.

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