‘Battlefield 2042’ players are hiding in buildings that have no collision boxes

The bug has been reported on the Hourglass and Kaleidoscope maps.

Battlefield 2042 players are hiding from others by taking advantage of the lack of building collision boxes in the game.

Following the launch of Battlefield 2042 on November 19, there have been many reports from players experiencing bugs that range from performance issues to game-breaking.

A specific bug that players have experienced since its release is the lack of collision boxes to the buildings in 2042‘s environment–as reported by VG247.


One player shared a video to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit showing the problem in-game, specifically on the Hourglass map. The video starts out with ‘Darktoothone’ piloting a helicopter and firing on an enemy player. The enemy then seems to disappear out of sight until Darktoothone spots them, piloting the aircraft into a building.

However, instead of the helicopter taking damage or inflicting damage on the building, the aircraft clips through the model to where the enemy player is hiding.

You can check out the full gameplay clip below:

DICE, you may have forgot some collision boxes on some buildings… from battlefield2042

It’s been noticed that Hourglass isn’t the only map in the game with this bug, as some buildings on Kaleidoscope have also been reported to have the same issue.

Battlefield 2042 has received so many bad reviews since its launch that it’s now rated as one of the top ten worst games on Steam. After its release last week, it’s received thousands of negative Steam reviews and is now marked as “Mostly Negative” on its homepage.


EA DICE has stated that it will address the game’s most common bugs, including its bullet bloom. The developer has also revealed details about how it will target broken revives and overpowered hovercraft.

In other news, following the news of a third Star Wars Battlefront game being rejected by EA, Battlefront II‘s creative director has responded saying he had “kickass ideas”.