‘Battlefield 2042’ skin that “unintentionally” references Russo-Ukrainian war to be renamed

The "Little Green Man" skin will be renamed

A skin in DICE’s Battlefield 2042 which references the Russo-Ukrainian war will be renamed according to an official statement.

Dice has been criticised for a skin that can be unlocked for specialist Pyotr “Boris” Gukovsky. As first reported by Eurogamer, the skin named “Little Green Man” will be renamed after Dice “unintentionally” included a reference to the Russo-Ukrainian War.

The media gave the name “little green men” to Russian forces operating in Ukraine in 2014, as the troops were deployed with no marking on their uniform to identify their country. They were also fielding new equipment that had never been seen before, further disguising their identity. Officials later confirmed that these were Russian forces.


A Twitter user called out DICE for the inclusion of the name, saying, “are you ok with jokingly putting the Russian terrorists that occupied part of my country? Why not add dunno ISIS or Taliban units to the mix?”

DICE replied to the tweet, saying: “We sincerely appreciate you bringing this to our attention. The use of the name was unintentional, and you’ve helped us to make a positive change in the game. Thank you.”

A separate tweet echoed the sentiment, saying, “Today you helped inform us about a name we use for a Skin in Boris’ Mastery Tiers. It unintentionally references a real world issue, and isn’t reflective of our team’s values.

Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

“We’ll be changing the name in a forthcoming update, and appreciate it being brought to our attention.”


In 2019 DICE also came under fire for a name of a character in Battlefield 5. One of the German soldiers was given the same name as a real-life resistance fighter. The name was later changed.

In other news, several classic Xbox 360 titles have been updated ahead of the Xbox’s 20th anniversary.