‘Battlefield 2042’ update dials down bullet spread and hovercrafts this week

Some of the biggest issues with 'Battlefield 2042' are being addressed in this week's update

EA has revealed that several Battlefield 2042 changes are on the way this week, including a reduction in weapon bloom and some balance changes for the overpowered hovercraft.

In a blog posted yesterday (November 23), EA has outlined what’s coming in the first major Battlefield 2042 patch.

The blog addresses several ongoing issues with Battlefield 2042, and also provides a timeframe for when to expect the issues to be fixed.


The first update on this list – called Update 2 – is set to arrive tomorrow (November 25) and makes sweeping changes to some of the biggest grievances in the game.

An over-tuned weapon bloom feature (also known as weapon spread) is first on the list for tomorrow’s update. This will reduce weapon bloom when zoomed-in and moving, while weapons will be even more accurate when aiming down the sights while stationary. Additionally, firing a weapon in single-fire or brief bursts will now ensure weapon bloom doesn’t come into play as dramatically. In general, every weapon type – aside from shotguns – will now have less weapon bloom.

Battlefield 2042 bad reviews
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.

Next up, the blog addresses the slightly overpowered hovercraft vehicle: “Since the game went live, we saw the Hovercraft become a fan favourite given its high durability and effectiveness in combat,” says the blog.

“We designed this vehicle to behave as an alternative to the LATV4, but not as an upgrade. In Thursday’s Update 2, we have balanced the health of this vehicle to bring it more in line with its design, and made sure that its weaponry is appropriately effective.”

There will also be several other smaller changes in Update 2, which EA will detail nearer the time. Looking further ahead, Update 3 is scheduled for some time in December and will aim to fix a much longer list of issues, which can be browsed in full here.


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