‘Battlefield 2042’ update reworks Orbital map and adds persistent server hosting

Update 2.2 reworks Orbital, following September’s update of Renewal

A new update for Battlefield 2042 reworks the Orbital map and adds the option to host persistent servers that stay live, even when nobody is online.

Following the rework of Renewal in September’s update, Battlefield developer EA Dice has “improved gameplay flow” by making adjustments to the Orbital map. The update released earlier today (October 20) and adds “more cover and assets” as well as “terrain improvements”.

Orbital is now “more action-packed with an improved atmosphere”. In conquest mode, two flags have been changed into HQs which are placed in such a way that there are “multiple viable flags in proximity” which Dice says will lead to a “better combat flow” as well as “reduced traversal time”.


A new flag has also been added between the launch site and cryogenic plant which counters the removal of the other two flags, and “helps maintain a smooth gameplay flow”, whilst also contributing by connecting to the underneath vehicle tunnel.

battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Buildings that require defending have also been added throughout the map, as well as traces of a new assault in the war being found en route to the rocket. Destroyed tanks and craters line the level with signs of destruction where this assault passed through.

In addition to this, the radar station has a “reinforced military presence” achieved by updating visual and vehicle assets. The crawler way has had large craters and destruction added, too. EA Dice describes it as “the most war-torn area”.

Three new vault weapons will also enter the all-out warfare arsenal including the ACW-R, a lightweight rifle, the AKS-74u assault rifle and the MP412 REX, a revolver. Alongside these additions, owners of a premium battle pass will have the option to keep their servers live via a new persistent servers feature, even when nobody is online or playing that server. Previously, as soon as a server was empty it would shut down and no longer be visible.

This, alongside a host of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, is all listed on the Battlefield 2042 website.


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