‘Battlefield 2042’ won’t have a ranked mode at launch

There are ‘no plans’ for a ranked mode just yet

EA’s flagship first-person shooter Battlefield 2042 won’t include ranked play at launch, but it could be added later if there’s enough interest for it.

Despite several game modes and a new Battlefield Portal it looks as though Battlefield 2042 won’t be adding a ranked mode. At least, for now.

Ripple Effect Studios senior design director Justin Wiebe confirmed that there are currently no plans for any ranked or esports play in Battlefield 2042.


“Yeah, so there’s no plan to have any kind of ranked or esport mode at launch,” he said in an interview with Battlefield Nation, while adding that a ranked mode in future isn’t completely off the table.

“This is something that obviously we want to hear more about from the community,” he continued. “If that’s something that’s important to the community we’d like to hear about it. And we’ll kind of see what happens after that.”

Battlefield Portal can be used to create all kinds of weird and wonderful game modes – pitting modern soldiers against WWII grunts, creating your own tank-based sporting events and more.

And while there’s nothing stopping players from using Battlefield Portal to create their own esports-focussed modes, it’s not something EA will be supporting right away.

It’s not really a huge surprise – the series hasn’t focussed on competitive modes in the past, and now we know that Battlefield 2042 won’t either. Still, there’s the possibility that this could come at a later date – especially if fans are clamouring for some ranked action post-launch.


Elsewhere, Battlefield 1 still holds the record for most Steam players after appearing on the platform for free over the weekend.