‘Battlefield Mobile’ footage shows conquest on Grand Bazaar

Initial footage of Battlefield Mobile comes from a playtest

Footage of Battlefield Mobile has surfaced online following a playtest in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Footage of the upcoming Battlefield Mobile shows the classic Battlefield 3 map Grand Bazaar being played on Android devices. The only mode available in the test is the Battlefield staple conquest.

The footage comes from a playtest that has taken place. The current test is only available to users in Indonesia and the Philippines. However, as trials progress, more regions will be added. A post on the EA forums provides details on how to get into the test.


“Once the game becomes available in your region, you’ll be able to pre-register for it on your local Google Play Store page, and you’ll be informed automatically when the play testing opens up in your area.

“Testing slots are limited, so those who pre-register aren’t guaranteed access to play testing, but you will be notified of later releases. Please note that this test is invitation only with a server registration limit on a first come first serve basis.”

Battlefield Mobile is being developed by Industrial Toys, led by Alex Seropian, one of the original co-founders of Bungie, creators of the Halo franchise,” continues the post.

“We’ve built a dedicated team here at Industrial Toys filled with mobile game development experts who will lead the creation of Battlefield Mobile. Overall, it’s a collaborative effort with our established Battlefield team, DICE Studio and other partners.”

Battlefield Mobile will be free to play and will only include cosmetic items that can be purchased. The game will also feature battle passes and unlockables. All progress gained during the testing period will be wiped when the game officially launches.


The playtest is only available for phones running Andriod 7.0, but the current list of supported devices does not represent the final launch version.

Elsewhere, The Advertising Standards Agency has released guidelines around advertising in-game purchasable items such as cosmetics and loot boxes.