Bethesda donates USD $1million to coronavirus relief effort

The developer is also launching the #BethesdaAtHome campaign

Fallout and DOOM developer Bethesda has pledged USD $1million to organisations involved in various coronavirus relief efforts.

The studio announced the donation with a post on its website, detailing the beneficiaries of its donations. Among those listed, US-based nonprofit Direct Relief – which carries out “the critically important work of providing personal protective equipment to health care workers” – will receive half, or USD $500,000, of the funds.

UNICEF, which works with frontline responders around the world, will receive USD $250,000 for its efforts. The remaining USD $250,000 will be distributed to communities across the world where Bethesda staff work and live. Recipients of these donations will be determined by individual studios and international offices.


Bethesda has also launched a new campaign, #BethesdaAtHome, as a way to connect with “fellow gamers and local communities” while self-isolating. The developer’s staff members will stream games from their home offices on the company’s Twitch channel, and will encourage watchers and gamers to donate to the aforementioned charities.

Earlier this month, Bethesda launched the highly anticipated Wastelanders update for Fallout 76. The 70GB update included new non-playable characters (NPCs), as well as a completely revamped main campaign.

The Wastelanders update also includes two new standalone quests. The first story arc players get immediately after leaving Vault 76 and is centred on a new watering hole called The Wayward. The second quest arc starts in Sutton, after players have hit level 20. In this quest, players will meet the Raiders and Settlers and get to the bottom of the mysterious treasure of Appalachia.

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