Bethesda says ‘Doom’ composer’s mismanagement allegations are “unjust”

Mick Gordon, the composer for the 'Doom' series, alleged that he was "humiliated"

Following a lengthy statement from Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon which alleged that Id Software failed to pay him for part of the game’s soundtrack, Bethesda has now issued a statement in response.

In his statement last week, Gordon responded to an “open letter” that Id Software’s Marty Stratton had posted in 2020 which claimed that Gordon was unable to meet numerous deadlines and the company was forced to ask lead audio designer Chad Mossholder to “take all of the music as Mick had delivered for the game, edit the pieces together into tracks, and arrange those tracks into a comprehensive OST.”

Gordon claimed that Stratton made allegations that “directly contradicted the actual events, contractual terms, public announcements and contents of emails and calls”. He provided multiple screenshots of work delivered as well as conversations that took place throughout the development period before alleging that he was offered “a six-figure settlement to never speak about it”. Gordon issued his statement believing that “the truth is more important”.


Last night (November 16) Bethesda responded to Gordon’s statement. The company states that Gordon “both mischaracterised and misrepresented” Id Software, the development of Doom Eternal, Marty Stratton and Chad Mossholder. It goes on to say that Gordon’s statement is a “one-sided and unjust account”.

Bethesda claims it is aware of “all the details and history in this matter” and expresses unequivocal support for Stratton, Mossholder and the Id Software team. “We reject the distortion of the truth and selective presentation of incomplete ‘facts’” it said. Bethesda went on to say it has “full and complete documented evidence” which it is prepared to disclose in an “appropriate venue” if needed.

Bethesda closed the statement by saying it will take action against anyone that chooses to harass or threaten violence against the involved parties before declaring that it remains “incredibly proud” of Id’s collaborations with Gordon. Bethesda urged fans to avoid “reaching conclusions on his account” however, as well as attacking anyone mentioned on either side.

In the responses to the tweet, Gordon again linked to his full account of the events.

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