‘Biomutant’ joins PlayStation game trials line-up

The race against time trial is now available

THQ Nordic’s Biomutant is now available to try through PlayStation game trials. Players will have five hours to explore the game for free.

THQ Nordic released Biomutant earlier this year, and now PlayStation users can give it a try for free. Released last week, PlayStation game trials allow users to try out the first few hours of select games. The games initially on the system are Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which are only available until October 28, with the deadline also including the recently added Biomutant.

Once a user selects “Download Trial” on the store page, the five-hour timer begins. This means that players have to factor in their download speed when working out how long they will have to play. The timer doesn’t stop if the console isn’t running either, so users have to find a five-hour time slot to make the most of the trial.


Biomutant itself has sold well as within the first week, the game had recovered its development costs. It then went on to sell more than one million copies. A business report said that “the main revenue driver in the quarter was the release of Biomutant from our internal studio Experiment 101.

It added that “so far, the game has sold more than one million copies. The full investment into development and marketing as well as the acquisition cost for Experiment 101 and the IP, was recouped within a week after launch.”

NME’s review of Biomutant said that it is “for all intents and purposes a pretty bold achievement. Created by Experiment 101 with a studio of only 20 people, it is every bit the underdog. An open-world game in a scrappy post-apocalyptic setting populated by anthropomorphic kung-fu acolytes, it is a victim of its own lofty ambition, stretched too thin in some places, and burdened by fussiness in others. At times it is charming and intoxicating, in others dull and frustrating.”

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