BioWare confirms that Mary DeMarle will work on the next ‘Mass Effect’

This follows the news that DeMarle is now senior narrative designer at BioWare

Project director at BioWare Michael Gamble has taken to Twitter to confirm that the newest addition to the team, Mary DeMarle, will be contributing to the next Mass Effect as senior narrative director.

This follows the news that DeMarle had joined EA studio BioWare, after having previously worked on Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and Deus Ex as a narrative designer.

The next entry in the Mass Effect series is yet to be fully detailed, but Gamble seemed excited as he took to Twitter to confirm that DeMarle would be part of the Mass Effect team, saying: “Oh, hey! I’m really excited to let you know that Mary DeMarle will be joining the Mass Effect team as senior narrative director.”


His excitement peaked at telling fans, “You’ve seen her work in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Deus Ex (to name a few!),” finishing off his small announcement with a simple “she’s amazing.” Fans of the series seem to agree with him too, as replies are littered with compliments and thanks, with some saying they “cannot wait to see what’s in store for the next Mass Effect” and sending “congratulations to Mary” on joining the team.

Development of the as yet unnamed sequel reportedly began in April 2022, although most of the team is currently otherwise engaged, working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf which releases in 2023.

Following the difficulties faced using EA’s Frostbite engine, it had been reported that the tentatively titled Mass Effect 4 will be using Unreal Engine 5. Accompanied by DeMarle’s arrival to the team, this should make for a vast improvement for the next installment in the Mass Effect series, although it’s going to be a while before we get any major updates on its progress.

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