‘Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition’ offers Classic version after backlash

The quality of 'Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition' has been heavily criticised by players

Nightdive Studios has announced that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will now automatically come with the ScummVM version after players criticised the game’s poor quality at launch.

On Saturday (June 25), Nightdive Studios shared a Steam blog that confirmed Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will now automatically come with Blade Runner Classic, created by the ScummVM project.

“The free update will be downloaded automatically and when you start Blade Runner through Steam, you’ll be given a choice of launching the Enhanced Edition, or the Classic version,” shared Nightdive Studios.


This comes as Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition players have been heavily critical of the game since it launched on June 23. Negative Steam reviews allege that despite being an “enhanced edition”, technological improvements are poorly implemented and there are a host of game-breaking bugs that were not in the original game.

“Most of the smooth 60fps cinematics are not in this game […] The bugs everyone describes are real and game breaking. Many textures have simply been smeared out and some original effects have been removed completely,” reads one negative Steam review, while another alleged that Nightdive “dumped whatever they had ready and called it a day”.

Addressing the Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition community, Nightdive Studios has shared that it is “looking at your feedback for the game, and we’re still working on our first official patch for the game which will be coming as soon as we can.”

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