Blissey is coming to ‘Pokémon Unite’ this week

A new Pokémon is joining the MOBA's roster

The next Pokémon to join Pokémon Unite is Blissey, and they’re arriving in the MOBA game this week on August 18.

The Pokémon Company confirmed the addition of Blissey today (August 16) via its Twitter, a Supporter battle-type Pokémon who will be joining the MOBA’s playable roster.

Blissey has supportive moves that can heal or increase basic attack speed. Right now, we know that the Pokémon has the abilities of Unite Move and Bliss Assistance allowing Blissey to dash to an ally’s aid and protect them from enemy attacks.


You can check out the Pokémon gameplay teaser below which shows Blissey’s combat mechanics in action:

This new addition makes Blissey the 22nd Pokémon to join the game among a collection of other playable Pokémon, including Pikachu, Snorlax, Charizard, Alolan Ninetale, Cinderace, and more.

Earlier this month (August 4) the Pokémon MOBA received a brand new update which saw edits to playable Pokémon’s stats and moves on Nintendo Switch.

Charizard received buffs, with its flamethrower move getting a cooldown reduction and having its “effects on opposing Pokémon strengthened”, while Fire Punch and Fire Blast also had their effects strengthened.

Eldergoss also saw some nerfs, with the cooldown increased and the amount of HP restored decreased on its Cotton Guard move, along with a few more updates.


In other news, the next Pokémon Presents broadcast on August 18 is expected to bring fans more news on Pokémon Legends: Arceus as well as new information on the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes. The livestream is set to air at 2 PM BST.