‘Bloodborne’ mod fully restores the infamous Cleric Beast locked door

Players can hopefully download the mod soon

A modder has restored the mysterious locked door behind the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne, finally letting said door act as a working connection between locations.

The mod was created by YouTuber Garden of Eyes, who told Eurogamer how they restored the cut shortcut between Central Yharnam and the Cathedral Ward.

“I used some of the leftover assets to restore the shortcut door in the retail version of the game, which required modifying collisions, map files, and scripts to ensure that the regions loaded properly…” they said.


“I also considered what would happen if the Cleric Beast had not yet been slain, so I included a fog wall to prevent game-breaking problems.

Garden of Eyes showed off the mod for the FromSoftware game in a recently released video, which you can watch below.

The modder also says in the video description that this mod will be released “very soon too” for PS4 players.

The door was originally “opened” by modder Lance McDonald, who managed to get the animation for opening the door working, even though the player still couldn’t go through it thanks to an invisible wall. McDonald retweeted Garden of Eyes video, talking about why the door never was openable in the first place.

“I’ve played Bloodborne back when this shortcut was still in the game” said McDonald.


“Indeed it only ever opened from the cathedral ward side, so you still had to kill Gascoigne to get to it. It was removed because loading times were too slow, so if you sprinted through, you’d see blank spaces.”

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