‘Borderlands 3’ finally adds cross-play support for PlayStation consoles

The title has supported cross-play for other platforms since its launch in 2019

Three years after Gearbox released Borderlands 3, the game is finally receiving cross-play with PlayStation consoles.

Gearbox’s latest release, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, arrived with cross-play that supports all platforms, including PlayStation. Following this, the company has revealed that Borderlands 3 is getting the same support.

When Borderlands 3 was released in 2019, it supported cross-play for all of the platforms it released on, aside from Sony’s PlayStation consoles. This decision appears to have been made on Sony’s end, but now that is changing.


During Gearbox’s keynote address at PAX East, it was announced that Borderlands 3 cross-play for PlayStation consoles would arrive this spring.

While many titles offer cross-play between PlayStation and other consoles, it appears that Sony was charging developers for the feature. During the Epic vs Apple trial last year, documents revealed that Sony charged developers based on the popularity of a game on the PlayStation Network and would calculate costs to offset the potential revenue loss.

However, now that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Borderlands 3 both support PlayStation crossplay, it appears that a new deal has been established, or Sony has dropped the charges for allowing cross-play on its platforms.

Gearbox has recently announced that it will be releasing a new narrative adventure game set in the Borderlands universe. This will be a sequel to Telltale’s Tales From The Borderlands, released in 2014. The sequel will be developed in the same style as Telltale’s original, though Telltale will not be involved in the project.

The game is set to release in 2022 and will feature new characters and stories, suggesting it will not be a direct sequel to any game in the Borderlands franchise.


In other news, Project Q is a new third-person shooter from Ubisoft, which was revealed after several leaks.

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