‘Borderlands 3’ update overhauls Mayhem mode, adds new event

Moze, the Gunner has also been buffed

Gearbox Software has launched a new update for Borderlands 3, which adds new content to the game as well as a slew of fixes.

Leading the changes is the arrival of Mayhem 2.0, an overhaul of the original Mayhem Mode which unlocked upon the completion of the game’s main story. The reworked mode will feature 10 difficulty levels, rather than four, and can be changed anytime during play without requiring a return to Sanctuary III – a starship that acts as the main base of operations in the game.

Mayhem 2.0 also introduces 25 unique modifiers that are rated from Easy to Very Hard. They range from ‘Big Kick Energy’, which increases weapon damage but also ups recoil, to ‘Drone Range’, where enemies are given healing drones.


The second update is the limited-time event, Revenge Of The Cartels, where players will have to infiltrate cartel kingpin Joey Ultraviolet’s mansion to help NPC Maurice. The event adds a brand-new area with never-seen-before enemy types, as well as new gear, legendaries and anointments to collect. It runs from today until June 4.

Rounding out the changes are a long list of stability and balance fixes, the most notable being buffs for Moze, the Gunner. The damage for a couple of the character’s skills have been increased, and health regeneration has also been added to a few of her abilities. Check out the full list of changes at Gearbox’s official forums.

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