‘Breath Of The Wild’ mod randomises every part of the game

Carefully curated to create absolute chaos

A new mod for Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild will allow players to randomise nearly every game element.

Randomiser mods have been around for a while and can change many parts to keep the experience fresh for veteran players while occasionally adding an extra challenge. Instead of a carefully crafted game with items available at specific times and a neatly designed difficulty curve, players can encounter high-level gear in the first chest or receive little more than a wooden sword from an end game boss.

This Breath Of The Wild randomiser has a few extra features, though. Players will find that many other aspects of the game will be changed, not just loot. Players have a chance to arrive in an unexpected location when they fast travel or move between shrines and the overworld.


“I aimed to expand the definition of a ‘randomiser’ for this legendary game… So I built a new system which I named ‘The Randomiser Cycle’,” explains the mod’s video.

The cycle will appear to choose a random element of the game to change. Enemy spawns will be randomised along with their weapons. The time of day and weather effects will be randomised. Eating, resting and saving will also be affected. Specific skills such as champion abilities can be disabled, and shrines can be locked.

There will also be a new “goal mode”, which gives players a random task to complete before facing off against Gannon.

Modder Waikuteru will be releasing the Breath Of The Wild mod for free, but fans can support their work and gain early access through their Patreon.


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