BSG shares a first look at Lighthouse, the next ‘Escape From Tarkov’ map

Where's Robert Pattinson though?

Battlestate Games has shared a first look at some of the scenic spots around Lighthouse, the next map to be added as a raid location in Escape From Tarkov.

Yesterday (September 17), Battlestate Games posted five photos taken around the Lighthouse map, giving fans a first look at what to expect from the hotly anticipated update.

The images show a variety of settings from the upcoming map, including a large mansion seemingly fortified by Terragroup, as well as more wooden lodges in a wooded environment. There’s also a picture that shows how the map will presumably be connected to Shoreline when Battlestate Games implement that feature, as it displays the other side of Shoreline’s tunnel extract.


Vitally, fans can also get their first look at the Lighthouse in question, and the craggy terrain surrounding it looks like the building could be very difficult to get to. This matches up with previous statements from Escape From Tarkov Director Nikita Buyanov, who has warned that the Lighthouse map will be covered in “rough terrain”.

Earlier this month, Buyanov also shared plenty more details on what to expect from Lighthouse, which the development team aims to release toward the end of 2021. So far, we know that the map will be around half the size of Shoreline but will likely be far more dangerous due to the inclusion of new enemies and multiple bosses.

There will also be an in-raid trader present (though not at launch), who will be protected by a very capable sniper.

Buyanov has also teased some details for Streets Of Tarkov, which he stated will be as large as every other map in Escape From Tarkov combined.


In other news, a dev diary for Expeditions: Rome has gone in-depth on how the RPG will let players shape their own history.