Bundle For Ukraine is a charity collection selling 991 games for £8

The bundle is worth around £4,993 and includes plenty of well-known indie hits

Bundle For Ukraine – a collection of games raising money for charity – has launched, offering nearly 1,000 games for just £7.63 ($10).

Today (March 8), Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield announced that the Bundle For Ukraine is now live.

Available for just under ten days, the Bundle For Ukraine offers 991 games including plenty of big-name indie title.


As Sheffield detailed last week (March 1), all money raised by the Bundle For Ukraine will be donated to Voices Of Children and International Medical Corps, two charities that are currently operating in Ukraine to support victims of Russia’s invasion.

At the time, Sheffield said that “What we do as game developers can have a very positive effect on the world.”

Celeste. Credit: Extremely OK Games.

The goal is to raise £763,325 ($1million) in total, however it’s already raised £329,483 ($431,643) within its first few hours of being live. At time of writing, over 28,000 people have donated to the bundle.

As to what it includes, the Bundle For Ukraine offers a mix of under-the-radar indie games and some very well-known titles. Some of the games in the bundle include Superhot, Celeste, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Skatebird, Baba Is You, Night Call, Backbone, and Bury Me, My Love.


There’s hundreds of other games included, and in total the bundle is worth around £4,993 ($6544). All titles in the bundle are DRM-free, meaning an internet connection is not required to play them.

With 732 creators pitching in to create the bundle, the games industry has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine in recent weeks. CD Projekt Red has donated around £181,000 to a humanitarian organisation based in Poland, while 11 Bit Studios sent £520,000 to the Red Cross in Ukraine by donating proceeds raised by sales of This War Of Mine.

In other gaming news, Bethesda has announced that a five-year roadmap for Fallout 76 is in the works.

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