Bungie is once again hiring for its unnanounced esports game, and it could be a hero shooter

The unnanounced title could be called 'Matter'

A new job listing spotted at Bungie confirms the developer is still working on its unannounced esports multiplayer game.

Bungie’s unannounced and untitled esports multiplayer game has been in development for some time.

The position, which was spotted by DestinyNews+, is for an Incubation Sandbox Designer. The successful candidate will “contribute to a multiplayer action game currently in incubation”.


One of the requirements is “experience working on character-focused action games,” which could mean the Destiny developers are working on something more akin to Valorant or Overwatch.

Responsibilities include rapidly prototyping new gameplay ideas and player mechanics in engine and working with other teams to make in-game cause and effect clear to players.

Bungie estimates the position will last for nine months, which may indicate the game could launch sometime next year.

News of the team working on a project outside of Destiny 2 first surfaced in 2018, when the developer signed a $100million (£70million) deal to work on a new game with Chinese publisher NetEase.

Considering rumours point towards the game being an esports title, which is a big market in China, it’s likely that development began shortly after that deal.

DenOfGeek reported on a potential title for the game in 2018. A patent filed by Bungie seemed to imply the project would be titled Matter.


Bungie Matter Patent Image
Bungie Matter Patent Image Credit: EUIPO / Bungie

Bungie announced its deal with NetEase in June 2018. The developer then filed the patent for Matter in October of that same year.

A line in the job description that reads “make in-game cause and effect clear to players” along the colourful Matter logo above, could indicate that colour might play an important role during gameplay.

Bungie’s unannounced Matter title could even play similarly to Nintendo’s Splatoon, which uses colourful ink as a core mechanic of its gameplay.

This isn’t the first time a job posting for the game has appeared online. Bungie advertised a position for Incubation Multiplayer Systems Designer last month for the game-in-progress.

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