Bungie threatens to axe ‘Destiny 2’ fashion magazine after mean comments

"Be better"

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has taken to Twitter to defend the launch of its new fashion magazine following backlash from some members of the community.

Threads Of Light was announced in September and set out to celebrate the most fashion-savvy players in the Destiny 2 community, something that the users of the DestinyFashion subreddit take very seriously.

However, Threads Of Light is not without its critics. Following the reveal of the latest cover stars for the magazine, fans took to Twitter to voice their disapproval, even targeting the players featured.


Soon after the reveal, community manager Griffin Bennet shared their thoughts on the mean comments, warning fans that if it continued, developers Bungie would stop Threads Of Light altogether.

“If the reaction to these spotlights continues to be toxic and negative while putting down others’ creations we’ll stop doing these all together. Be better,” they wrote.

“Fashion is art. Taste is subjective. Imagine coming into the replies and insulting someone’s art. Mind bogglingly inappropriate. They later commented that “it’s definitely improved since I made my comment. Great to see.”


If Threads Of Lights does continue, current cover star Vanguish has shared his top tips for getting noticed. “Definitely post on Twitter or Instagram using #threadsoflight and tag @Destinythegame,” they wrote on Reddit.

“My main recommendation for winning is to try uploading multiple sets. Since fashion is subjective, something you like might not match the taste of those judging. So play around with multiple looks and hopefully you can make it to the cover aswell”.

Earlier this month, Bungie backtracked on recent changes to competitive PVP mode, Trials of Osiris.

The developer had initiated a win-based matchmaking system which took the place of the previous card-based system which had been in place since the game’s launch. However, following player feedback, the change was walked back.