‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ multiplayer changes outlined following the beta

Changes will continue to come after Vanguard's launch

Sledgehammer Games has announced the changes coming to Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer modes due to beta feedback.

One of the first significant changes is an alteration to how the game feels, as the blog post outlines. Players will notice that weapon swapping and pick up animations will be faster than in the beta. Sledgehammer is also adding new movement perks, with one being added called “Ninja”, which will remove all footsteps sounds from the player character.

Sledgehammer also outlines several alterations to systems such as audio and lighting. “Big changes have been made to our audio mix across the board, such as increasing footstep sounds, reducing the announcer frequency, and much more.  We’ve improved the performance of Vanguard across all platforms and fixed glitches resulting in pixelation, lighting issues, and graphical corruption that some players experienced in beta. We’ve also squashed some pesky bugs that caused spawn issues in Patrol mode.”


The webpage contains a complete list of change notes and includes an FAQ that gives players more information on how Vanguard will change after launch.

One question asks about tuning and improvements to multiplayer after launch, to which the post answers: “At launch, we will be paying attention specifically to our weapon balance.  We have 38 weapons at launch, all with different sets of attachments and modifiers. We want to create a fun balance between our weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses.  We’ll be listening, tuning, and tweaking from the second we go live.” Sledgehammer adds that “We will also continue to tweak spawn logic for better spawns and monitor the broader conversation around visibility.”

The FAQ also states that Shipment will be a returning map for Vanguard and will release on November 17.

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