‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ tournament disrupted by cheating scandal

After being disqualified, the cheater named 14 other pros who allegedly used cheats

A Call Of Duty: Vanguard tournament with a £5100 ($7000) prize pool was disrupted when it was discovered that one of the competitors was using hacks.

As spotted by Dexerto, results for a Call Of Duty: Vanguard search and destroy tournament were thrown out after it turned out that Shiv – a newcomer to the scene – had been using hacks to defeat competition.

On November 7, Shiv’s team in the CDL (Call Of Duty League) surprised viewers when they defeated esports organisation Optic’s team in the tournament.


However, pros used a clip of Shiv’s stream during the tournament to prove that the competitor had in fact been hacking to achieve the surprise win. Shiv’s player-cam revealed that, while his in-game footage looked normal, the game as seen through his monitor revealed that cheats were enabled and allowing Shiv to see players through walls (thanks, Ginx).

This led to Shiv being disqualified from the tournament, however they haven’t taken the punishment well. Taking to Twitter, the cheater has posted an alleged list of other Call Of Duty pros who have used cheats “from CW [Cold War] to now”.

One competitor, a coach going by Faze 2Pac, alleged that Shiv has been cheating for years, adding that it cost them “thousands” after the player “went from getting 6-0’d every tourney to magically winning”. However, another member of the Call Of Duty scene has pointed out that FaZe 2Pac was playing with Shiv in competitive tournaments as recently as July 2021.

Meanwhile, Faze co-owner Nickmercs said that Call Of Duty‘s search and destroy scene is “the worst group I’ve ever been apart of” and described it as being full of “cheaters, booters, hackers”.

Hopefully, Ricochet – the upcoming anti-cheat software for Warzone and Vanguard – will help to curb cheating in both casual and competitive Call Of Duty scenes.


In other news, Dr Disrespect is already considering quitting Call Of Duty: Vanguard.