‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ armoured cargo trucks removed for giving invisibility

Is someone there?

Raven Software has removed armoured cargo trucks from Call of Duty: Warzone, stating that there is “an ongoing issue with players become invisible”.

Raven Software first noted that they were tracking the issue on Twitter at 7pm yesterday (June 17), with confirmation that they had removed the armoured cargo truck coming just under four hours later.


The ‘Big Bertha’ cargo truck was removed in an update last night until developers can find a permanent fix to the issue. The armoured cargo trucks hadn’t been in the game for long either, they only came out alongside other sweeping Season 4 changes this week.

They made their first appearance in Call of Duty: Warzone in the Armoured Royale LTM game mode. However the mode was removed from playlists when an invisibility bug tied to the armoured cargo trucks was discovered.

This isn’t the only time a vehicle in Warzone has been responsible for causing invisibility – back in December 2020, attack helicopters were removed when players discovered a way to become invisible with them. As PCGamer reports, they were removed once again in April 2021 due to these issues once again showing up.

When the bug was revealed, players started sharing videos that displayed invisible players killing them. Some have also noted that the truck is already powerful enough without the added invisibility bug.

There’s no indication for exactly when armoured cargo trucks will return to Warzone, but players will have plenty of new content to keep them busy until it returns – including dirt bikes, red doors and more.


In other news, the Season 4 patch also nerfed Roze’s Rook skin to address visibility issues, marking the second time the skin has been changed. Raven Software said: “Roze’s Rook skin has received material updates to increase visibility”.