‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ reintroduces attack helicopters

Is the third time the charm?

Raven Software has reintroduced the attack helicopter to Warzone after removing it twice previously for causing an invisibility glitch.

The attack helicopter is currently only available in the Plunder game mode and not the core battle royale experience. Previous attempts to add the vehicle to Warzone have caused problems because players found a way to use the helicopter to turn themselves invisible. Raven removed the aircraft while they fixed the bug. When they reintroduced it, players could still replicate the bug, so it was removed once again.

As spotted by CharlieIntel, YouTuber JGOD said in the ModernWarzone podcast, “Hopefully, third time’s the charm,” adding, “Can we just give up on that? We’ve had three invisibility glitches. Throw it out! I don’t see one person complaining [that they’re not in Warzone].”


It is unclear if Raven plans to add the attack helicopter to the core Warzone playlists, but it is in Plunder only for now.

Earlier today, the full patch notes for the new season of Warzone were released. They detailed the new Caldera map and the slew of Vanguard content entering the battle royale.

As well as the new pacific island map Caldera, Warzone now includes over 40 new weapons, fresh cosmetics, and more than 12 new operators from Call Of Duty: Vanguard. Several WW2 themed vehicles have also been added, including fighter planes, utility trucks, and squad transport. New anti-aircraft guns are now available to players, which can be fixed to the ground or mounted to some utility trucks to help combat the new fighter plane.

The update also saw Warzone receive its long-awaited kernel-level anti-cheat called Ricochet. The system will activate in the Asia-Pacific region before expanding worldwide.

In other news, A Horizon Zero Dawn update adds Nvidia DLSS support to the game’s PC version.