‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Season 6 will be the last season set in Verdansk

Season 6 launches today

Raven Software has confirmed that Season 6 of Call Of Duty: Warzone will be the final one set in Verdansk.

In a new video posted to Twitter by CharlieIntel – as spotted by VGCWarzone‘s creative director Amos Hodge announced that “Season 6 will be our last time in Verdansk” and will bring back the classic Gulag as well as several new map updates when it releases.

Verdansk has been the major map for Call Of Duty: Warzone since the game launched in March 2020. Over the past year, the map has received a number of updates during its multiple seasons to keep things interesting and will also undergo further changes during Season 6.


Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 6, which is set to release today (October 7) on PC and consoles, will add a new “upended” look to Verdansk, three new multiplayer maps, as well as a finale to Zombies.

During Season 6, Warzone will introduce a new Halloween crossover event with the iconic masked killer “Ghostface” from Scream. The horror character has not been officially introduced by Activision yet but they appear to already be appearing in-game randomly for certain players.

Ghostface is expected to be officially available later in October, as part of Call of Duty’s next Halloween event, rumoured to be called “All Hallow’s Eve”.

Meanwhile, ahead of the launch of Call Of Duty: Vanguard, someone has managed to get the StG 44 gun from the game to work in Warzone. When it was tested, the StG was only usable in private matches and had no weapon inspection, but it worked.


In other news, the Red Light, Green Light game from Netflix’s Squid Game is now playable in VR.