Cat adventure game ‘Stray’ delayed to 2022 but gets new meaty trailer

New walkthrough trailer shows off feline interactions in a city of androids

BlueTwelve Studio has delayed its upcoming cat adventure game Stray from its initial 2021 release window to 2022.

The announcement came in a new trailer for the game which premiered during Annapurna Interactive‘s debut showcase yesterday (July 29).

Nonetheless, this four-minute gameplay walkthrough, narrated by producer Swann, took a substantial part of the showcase, providing more details on how players will navigate and interact with Stray‘s futuristic world as a cat.


As a stray and injured cat, players will have to explore and survive a seemingly urban landscape where humans appear to have gone extinct and replaced by bipedal androids.

However, they will not be all alone, as they will meet a drone called B12, who also provides the cat with a scanning device worn around their body.

The drone allows the cat to interact with objects and communicate with the android inhabitants of the city. A later upgrade also appears to allow the player to engage in combat with the less friendly creatures, although there is still more emphasis on running away from danger.

But apart from the gadgets and gimmicks, it’s the ability to control an extremely realistic cat – its movements inspired by two of the development team’s cats Murtaugh and Riggs, as detailed in a PlayStation blog post – that makes the game stand out.

Stray was originally known as ‘Project_HK’ – the setting is inspired by Hong Kong’s old Kowloon Walled City – when a few images were originally teased in 2016. It was during this same period when Annapurna Interactive (before the publisher was publicly announced) reached out to the developers to help publish the game.


Stray will release in 2022 on PS5, PS4, and PC.

Also during the Annapurna Interactive showcase, developers behind The Stanley ParableGone Home, and Minecraft announced the founding of new studio Ivy Road.