‘Celeste’ creator designing level for ‘Super Mario World’ racing community

Romhack Races is celebrating its 200th race

Celeste creator Maddy Thorson is apparently designing a level for a Super Mario World racing community and its special celebrations as it reaches 200 levels designed by fans of the series.

Thorson has stylised her name as “Maddy, allegedly” within the community since reportedly developing a Super Mario World hack entitled Super “Sonic Saves the World” World. The game is only available through directly sharing the download file, and was signed “by Maddy <3 Allegedly” on the title screen, despite her taking no public credit for the game.

Since then, “Maddy, allegedly” has been the way in which those in the know discuss Thorson’s upcoming potential projects, and Romhack Races’ 200th week level is no different, with the Twitter account simply saying, “Join us for a very special event (allegedly) as we mark RHR200”.


Romhack Races is an online community for fans of Super Mario World, which sees creators signing up to make “rom hack” levels for a once weekly community event. The levels are released each Saturday at 1 AM (BST) and anyone interested can sign up on the website to play, stream and race.

“Four years, and hundreds of amazing levels, creators and racers later, we are ready to celebrate,” said a post. Romhack Races will be running the celebration on its Twitch channel from 1 AM BST on July 24.

All races are re-streamed on Romhack Races’ Twitch channel, where players compete for the fastest completion in real-time. Commentary is provided for the races by GlitchCat7, a Super Mario World community veteran and co-founder of the Romhack Races events.

These weekly events launched in July 2018 and have been ongoing ever since, and Romhack Races is now approaching its 200th level. There’s been talk amongst the community for some time regarding the mysterious unattributed level, but according to a video posted on Twitter, Celeste creator Thorson could be the developer of the level, which promises to be “very special.”

Celeste.smc. Credit: MarkAlarm


Thorson has been a member of the Super Mario World community for some time, including apparently being involved with this year’s Super Mario World race at Summer Games Done Quick, a speed-running event for charity. Her involvement in the race was neither confirmed nor denied in an anonymous question asked on her Twitter. Gratitude towards key members of the community has been expressed in the credits of Super “Sonic Saves the World” World, where the creator wrote: “Thank you to Amethyst, Shovda, my partner and team, and to the SMW community”.

In other news, the God Of War: Ragnarok story description has been updated, revealing some new details about the game ahead of its release later this year.

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