‘Celeste”s missing Game Awards trophy turns up on eBay after four years

The award was listed for £375

Extremely OK Games has finally acquired the Game Awards trophy that it won for Celeste in 2018 but never received.

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey discovered the award on eBay when attempting to track down a replica of a Game Awards trophy that he could own. He was surprised to find an actual Game Award listed on the site (via PCGamer).

The award was offered for £373 ($500 USD), and the seller’s other items were primarily car parts and key fobs, which raised some suspicion about the authenticity of the product on offer. The listing said that the award “came from one of our liquidation sources, other than that we don’t have any other information on the origin of this item.”


PrestigeIsKey decided to buy the item and managed to pay £280 ($375 USD). When the award arrived, it turned out to be the actual 2018 Award For Best Independent Game given to Extremely OK Games for the platformer Celeste.

The collector contacted Extremely OK Games and asked if the trophy had been lost or given out to a fan. They responded, saying the award had never been sent to Extremely OK Games. PrestigeIsKey worked out details to return the item and has sent it on its way back where it belongs.

Extremely OK Games has thanked PrestigeIsKey and will reimburse him for the costs. He will also be sent some signed copies of Celeste to reward his honesty and assistance in returning the award.

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