Chaos Theory Collection Event remixes ‘Apex Legends’

Water Treatment gets a toxic makeover and Heat Shields arrive

A new limited time Collection Event is coming to Apex Legends, featuring new cosmetics, a new playlist, and a map change in the form of the Caustic Town Takeover.

Respawn Entertainment have revealed the Chaos Theory Collection Event, which begins on March 9 and runs until March 21 and will coincide with Apex Legends release on Switch. A trailer for the event is available below:


The main event is Caustic’s Takeover of the Water Treatment area of the map, turning it into Caustic Treatment. Caustic has set up an experiment that requires players to drain toxic liquid. Doing so will temporarily grant access to four gold loot items, meaning players need to be quick.

Ring Fury is a playlist takeover event which will see extra Ring Flares appear on the map, which are pockets of the ring that slowly expand and deal the same amount of damage as the larger ring.

In addition to the Ring Flares, Heat Shields are being added to all players inventory as they drop, and can be found in the general loot pool. Heat Shields are an item which creates a safe pocket in the ring. When activated by contact with the ring, the Heat Shield will boost healing speed by 50% and revive speed by 25%.

The item will take up a new slot in the player’s inventory called the “Survival Slot” which will be items such as the Heat Shield and the Mobile Respawn Beacon, without competing with other loot. The item will be added to regular playlists after the Ring Fury mode has finished.

There are also a slew of other changes, outlined on an in-depth update post. including No-Fill matchmaking, which lets players enter Duos or Trios without any allies, though only six No-Fill players can join a single match, and the feature is not available for Ranked.


Chaos Theory will also have a reward track with 24 themed event-limited cosmetics. These can be earned via the reward track, crafted, or purchased with in-game currency.

Finally, balance changes are coming to various legends, with Caustic receiving the biggest change, with gas damage being lowered to a flat rate of 5hp par tick, rather than the previous ramping damage from 6hp to 12hp.

In news, Apex Legends have confirmed that they are targeting 120fps on Xbox Series X and PS5 for the eventual Next Gen release of the battle royal.

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