‘Chernobylite’ receives free Ghost Town DLC

Players will be able to explore the 3D scanned recreation of Pripyat’s neighborhoods

Players can download Chernobylite‘s free Ghost Town DLC today (December 21) including a whole new playable area.

Chernobylite a science-fiction, survival horror RPG has received a huge update in time for the holidays, including a new level, the Pripyat Residential Area, three new side missions and three new monster hunts. The Deadly Frost Pack weapon skins and soundtrack are also available as paid DLC packs.


Ghost Town is the second of six planned DLC packs for the first-person shooter set in the wasteland of Chernobyl’s exclusion zone. The first pack Monster Hunt released in time for Halloween this year and the other packs; Blue Flames, Red Trees, Green Walls and Black Smoke will release steadily until the end of 2022.

Below are the new additions included in the free DLC pack as explained in their Steam update announcement:

  • New level: Pripyat Residential Area. This new level is full of new events and resources to collect. Players will be able to explore the 3D scanned recreation of Pripyat’s neighbourhoods and visit new iconic locations such as the Azure Swimming Pool.
  • 3 new side missions: Supply drops. Explore the new level and find lost NAR resource dumps there.
  • 3 new side: Monster hunts. Do you enjoy hunting monsters? So chase them on the newly added level and restock your Chernobylite supplies while you’re at it.

The update also includes a number of minor fixes to translations and lighting effects. Users can download the free DLC right now via Steam.

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