‘Chivalry 2’ DLSS update promises sharper, faster gore on GeForce RTX graphics cards

Hack and slash even faster

The latest update for Chivalry 2 will bring a host of visual improvements to Torn Banner Studios‘ medieval hack-and-slash multiplayer title for players with Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

The update will allow the game to take advantage of Nvidia’s DLSS technology – Deep Learning Super Sampling, a process that uses a form of machine learning to upscale images in real-time. Nvidia says that results mirror the quality of natively rendering in higher resolutions, allowing for higher frame rates with less of an impact on performance.

In an Nvidia blog post (as spotted by PC Gamer), the graphics card manufacturer says the update will boost performance by up to 45 per cent and will enable “all GeForce RTX gamers to play at 4K at over 60 FPS, with max settings enabled”.


The difference was also demonstrated with a comparison of Chivalry II running both with and without DLSS enabled, with the game hitting almost double the frame rate and no discernible drop in quality with the RTX features on.

The benefits should be felt across the whole range of RTX cards too, even slightly older 20-series models. Nvidia’s benchmark test for Chivalry 2 showed a considerable frame rate boost from an average of 46.2 fps to 72.9 fps on an RTX 2060, while a top-end RTX 3080-Ti leapt from an already impressive 125.7 fps to an almost intimidating 164.1 fps.

Nvidia also promises enhanced DLSS performance on the game through its streaming platform GeForce Now. The company has recently announced a new subscription tier for the service, which offers exclusive access to servers running powerful RTX 3080 graphics cards.

Torn Banner Studios says the DLSS features are active in Chivalry 2 now, as part of the 2.2 “Fight Knight” update.

In September 2021, Torn Banner Studios distanced itself from publisher Tripwire Interactive, after the latter company’s then-CEO tweeted anti-abortion statements. The CEO later stood down following backlash from both the public and other developers it worked with.


Elsewhere, Sony has set up a new business, PlayStation PC LLC, which points to a greater focus on PC releases of PlayStation-exclusive games in future.