‘Chivalry 2’ Galencourt update adds Arena mode and new maps

(Patch notes) for The Order!

Chivalry 2 has added two new maps, a 3v3 Arena game mode and heaps of new cosmetic options in its latest Galancourt update.

One of these new maps – The Desecration Of Galencourt – is a team objective map where two teams must battle over “the great walled city of Galencourt, the seat of the Agathian Church”. For attackers, the final objective is to desecrate a sacred tomb and holy relics protected within the city walls.

As visible in the age-restricted trailer available on YouTube, this means seizing the walls, breaking down the gate and destroying ships that are docked in the harbour. A new class – the Monk – can be played in the final defence stage of this map.


The second map, Courtyard, is built for team deathmatch and free-for-all game modes.

The Arena mode allows players to battle in teams of three, scaling down the larger battles of Chivalry 2 for more focused fights. Arena mode will be available to play on variants of the Tournament Grounds, Fighting Pit and Courtyard maps. Matchmaking will be available on Arena mode, meaning players can choose to fight either with friends or strangers.

As mentioned in the patch notes, archers will once again be able to follow their arrows in flight with the return of Arrow Cam. The update also brings “60+ customisation options”, character voices for women, as well as more skins for shields, armour and weapons. Finally, there are a couple of new carryables, including food and an anchor for players to run around with in-game.

In our review of Chivalry 2, we described the game as “a dishonourably good time that revels in chaos“.

In other news, Metal Slug Tactics – a turn-based twist on the Metal Slug series – is coming to the Nintendo Switch when it launches some time in 2022. Metal Slug Tactics marks the first new installment to the Metal Slug franchise since Metal Slug XX in 2009.