‘Chrono Trigger’ composer’s next game announcement coming February “at the earliest”

This follows rumours that a Chrono Cross remake, another game the composer worked on, is in the works

Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda teased his next project’s arrival amid rumours of a Chrono Cross remake.

Mitsuda shared a message to Twitter on January 21, in which he thanked fans for his birthday messages and teased his next project.

Saying that the wishes will be returned to players in the form of work, Mitsuda added that his next video game project would be announced “at the earliest” in February next month. There’s been no official indication of what the game will be, but as Mitsuda worked on both 1995’s Chrono Trigger and 1999’s Chrono Cross at Square Enix, fans speculate he is involved with the latter’s rumoured remake.


Last year a rumour about a potential Chrono Cross remake started making the rounds. If it is accurate, it could be the same project that Irish folk singer Éabha McMahon announced she was working on, which she said was a “remake of a PlayStation game.”

Mitsuda’s game could appear in the next Nintendo Direct, with many regular versions of the event taking place in February in recent years. That said, Mitsuda’s game could be announced later, and there is no guarantee that a Nintendo Direct will take place in the next month or that it is indeed a remake of the Chrono Trigger sequel.

In other news, the Dark Souls PvP servers are now offline on PC following news of a recent hack that can control other online player’s PCs. This comes after one player who spotted the issue used it non-maliciously on someone’s stream to raise awareness.

Elsewhere, the Steam Deck will support Easy Anti-Cheat, making it easy for developers who use the software to get their games on the portable gaming platform. “Related to this, we’re going to start submitting Deck Verified test data for tested titles that use anti-cheat middleware on Monday, January 24,” added Valve.

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