‘Cities: Skylines’ VR comes to Meta Quest 2 this month

Pre-order now to get a discount

Fast Travel Games’ VR port of Cities: Skylines is coming to the Meta Quest 2 store in April and puts players in the cities they create.

Ahead of the launch on April 28, Fast Travel Games released a video gameplay walkthrough that shares some details on Cities: VR (via Eurogamer).

Programmer Martin Larsson talks fans through the gameplay. Much of Cities: Skylines gameplay is preserved in the port, with players able to build roads, zone areas, and establish emergency services. Taxes will also need to balance to ensure that your city can afford to keep running, though residents won’t be pleased if their taxes are too high and needs aren’t met.


The tools and UI of Cities: Skylines have been redesigned for VR inputs. Now players can draw their pathways and zones by hand and select from a literal pallet of options, painting their city into existence. They can then fly up for a birds-eye view or dive down to the street level and stand within their city.

Players planning to pick up the game can now pre-order for a 10 per cent discount via the Oculus store.

Recently, Colossal Order, the developer behind the flat-screen version of Cities: Skylines, warned players about malicious software being included in mods. One modder had built several of his mods with malicious code that would target specific players and made the game run poorly if other mods were installed.

The malicious modder would then offer his own “fixed” versions of the mods others had created. Colossal Order explained that “Blocking users or creating specific restrictions for them violates the Steam Subscriber Agreement and as such resulted in the mod being banned”.


In other news, Escape From Tarkov is getting DLSS support in the coming weeks. The details were shared in a live stream that included new weapons, repair tools, and an overhaul to Lighthouse.

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