‘Civilization 7’ could be in the works based on a Firaxis job listing

It doesn't take much tech research to figure this one out

It looks likely that Firaxis is starting work on Civilization 7, based on a job listing for a narrative lead at the company.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the job listing for a narrative lead position at Firaxis suggests that Civilization 7 is almost certainly in the works.

The job description mentions that the successful applicant will be working on Firaxis’ next “AAA strategy title” and asks for someone who “understands strategy games and storytelling within them”.


Even more tellingly, the job listing suggests that it would be an added bonus if applicants have “knowledge and passion for world history”.

Firaxis Civilization VI
Civilization VI. Credit: Firaxis

As the Civilization franchise is a AAA strategy game where players lead their civilisation through history, it’s a safe bet that Firaxis is ramping up to work on the next Civilization game.

This information arrives months after Firaxis released the final update for Civilization 6, which added three new units, two new ‘True Start’ maps and changes to various civilisations across the board. Fans of the game also voted on their least favourite victory condition, which the results overwhelmingly pointing to religious victories.

Earlier in August, more details emerged regarding an allegedly unannounced Marvel title in development at Firaxis. The updated information states that the game won’t include any existing Marvel characters and will focus on “the supernatural elements of the Marvel universe”. Along with the inclusion of vampires, players will reportedly be able to customize their squad members similarly to what’s currently possible in the XCOM franchise.


In other news, Half-Life 2 has hit its highest ever concurrent player count during a successful fan campaign. The “Breaking The Bar” event was organised by Half-Life 2 fans and aimed to break the record in question, which it successfully managed.

Over the weekend, Half-Life 2 boasted a playercount of over 16,000 players, the highest count ever recorded for the 2004 game.

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