‘Mortal Shell’ Halloween update adds new skins, photo mode and more

New quests, cosmetics, music options and more have been added

Keeping with the spirit of the Halloween season, Mortal Shell has received a new update to reflect the mood.

The first major update, known as The Rotten Autumn, is available from October 23 and adds a substantial amount of content to commemorate the spooky season. It’s available to download for free for all players.

Ten unique shaders have been added to use across the four available Shells, offering more ways for players to personalise their character. Amongst these shaders are horror-inspired creations, such as Dracula looking war paint.


A new mini-quest has been added, based around the fan-favourite enigmatic character known as Gorf. Before the update, Gorf was interacted with as a means to enable or disable the in-game music, however, the amphibian now has his own Halloween themed quest to undertake.

Speaking of music, the Halloween update for Mortal Shell also adds an all-new alternative boss soundtrack. The tracks are from the metal band Rotting Christ, who previously contributed music to the game’s release date trailer.

Finally, there will be a new photo mode for players to create some stunning screenshots with a variety of unique filters. The trailer for the update ends with a quick demonstration of the tool and the beautiful images players can create.

You can check out Mortal Shell’s Halloween update trailer below:

Mortal Shell is a take on the Dark Souls formula, based around the concept of controlling one of four Shells. Each has their own unique abilities and play style, causing some drastic changes between playthroughs.


In NME’s review of the game, it was described as “a compact action RPG that’s often overly familiar” with “a handful of clever ideas [that] aren’t enough”.

The original Demon’s Souls is getting a PS5 remake and will be available on the console’s launch day. A recent video released highlighted the comparisons between the original and the remake.