Colourful adventure ‘Minutes Of Islands’ gets surprise release during E3


Minute Of Islands, a game that has been delayed since 2020, received a surprise release during this weekend’s Future Games Show.

The colourful puzzle platformer allows players to fill the shoes of Mo, a young mechanic who must repair her collapsing world. Minute Of Islands’ eye-catching hand-drawn environments house an array of puzzles and creatures, designed to be uncovered.

Minute Of Islands’ official Steam page describes the game as “an emotional, poetic story of self-exploration” where Mo, wielding her Omni Switch, will unveil the secrets of the bright archipelago.


The game was scheduled for release back in 2020, after it was announced at the Guerrilla Collective Showcase at last years’ E3. Since then, after one other missed launch date, things had been pretty quiet on the Minute Of Islands front, until this surprise announcement launched the game on June 13.

A few upcoming games shown during E3 now have playable demos, allowing players to experience the game as it develops. Happy Game, by Machinarium’s Amanita Design, released a gore-filled demo, and Deathrun TV has a ‘pilot episode’ available on Steam.

Another game revealed during the Future Games Show was story-driven detective game Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View. The game allows players to solve a mystery from their living room window as the wheelchair-bound PI Robert Conway.

Techland also revealed more details about Dying Light 2 during a Future Games Show interview. Animation director Dawid Lubryka spoke about the different aspects of the forthcoming title, from co-op experience to NPC behaviour.

With a few more announcement streams to go – including Nintendo and Capcom – keep an eye on NME’s E3 Hub for the latest rumours, schedules, and announcements.

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