Commonwealth Games Esports Championships’ full lineup announced

The esports pilot will feature three games at the event

The Commonwealth Games Esports Championships’ games have been confirmed, with the event starting off with eFootball.

Last month it was revealed that the Commonwealth Games will be running an esports pilot, with DOTA 2 being the only confirmed game at the time. Now, the three games set to appear at the event have been revealed, which also includes Rocket League and eFootball, with the latter starting the event off. Each title will have an open category and women’s category.

“Alongside the Global Esports Federation, we are delighted to unveil three major titles for the Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham this summer,” said Commonwealth Games Federation CEO Katie Sadleir. “There is no doubt this innovative and exciting event will create new learnings and opportunities for us to further explore esports.”


eFootball 2022
eFootball 2022. Credit: Konami

Commonwealth Games Minister Nigel Huddleston also released a statement saying, “Esports has connected millions of young people across the Commonwealth, providing entertainment and a vital sense of community.”

“The Commonwealth Esports Championships is a major vote of confidence in the West Midlands’ and UK’s thriving esports industry and an exciting chance to look at how this can be brought into the Commonwealth Sport Movement.”

Because the event is only a pilot, there is no guarantee we will see another Esports Championship at the Commonwealth Games. Because of this, no medals will be given out to the winners, though if the pilot proves to be successful, with the organisers hoping to bring in a younger audience, it could return as an actual medal discipline in 2026.

In other news, Returnal recently received a lengthy new gameplay trailer showing off the Tower of Sisyphus mode from the upcoming Ascension expansion. The story will apparently be different depending on how far along you are in the main campaign. The free update is also introducing a new online co-op mode.

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