‘Control’ developer Remedy opens new studio in Sweden

The developer already has staff working "fully remotely" from the country

Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is extending its presence, with plans to open a new studio in Sweden, with the new subsidiary set to open its doors in the first half of 2022.

The development was announced in a job listing on Remedy’s official site (as spotted by GamesIndustry.biz), where the studio says it is “looking to hire up to 25 developers in Sweden by the end of 2022.”

However, while Remedy – best known for horror-themed Alan Wake and paranormal action epic Control – says “senior-level developers based in Sweden can join us in making great, genre-defining games on their home turf”, the new studio will be operating on a hybrid model that leans into remote working. The move comes as the company says it has already employed “multiple Sweden–based senior game developers” over the last year, who have been “working fully remotely from the second-best Nordic country.”


Control. Credit: 505 Games

Finnish pride and friendly teasing of its neighbouring nation aside, Remedy general manager Johnny Mang says “the shift to location-agnostic work in the wake of COVID made us realise that Remedy is a state of mind, rather than a place in Finland”.

As a result, Remedy plans to open a “work space” in central Stockholm “for Sweden–based Remedians to be able to get together and work in an office space when needed, since face to face communication is important in the hybrid model too.”

“We understand that everyone is different, and has different needs, on different days,” said James Salt, one of Remedy’s game directors already based in Sweden. “Some days are best spent focused, headphones on, working on something cool, whereas other days, such as when teams are working on planning, perhaps would benefit from in-person facetime. The hybrid model is about letting people choose the method that works best for them, on any given day.”

While there’s no word yet on what the Swedish offshoot will be working on, the new studio is already listed on Remedy’s careers page. Rumours are abound that a sequel to Alan Wake is in the works – rumours that Remedy itself has seeded – while the ending of Control left many questions to be answered.


In other industry news, long-time Assassin’s Creed writer Darby McDevitt has returned to Ubisoft.

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