Creative Assembly making new medieval fantasy AAA game

The new project is looking for a senior combat designer familiar with previous 'Total War' games

It looks like Creative Assembly is developing a new triple-A melee combat game and is currently hiring for new roles.

According to Creative Assembly’s careers page, shared via Reddit, the Total War developer is  currently looking for a senior combat designer for a “new project” set in a medieval fantasy setting, who will “contribute to delivering world-class combat gameplay and emotion.”

The job role also indicated that the hired developer will  need to bring their “in-depth understanding and passion for 3rd person melee combat coupled with experience in designing, developing and balancing combat systems.”


It’s unclear at this time whether the new project  will be  a new Total War game, but the specifications also add that it’s desirable if the hired developer has familiar  knowledge with “previous Total War games, especially Total War: Warhammer.”

Additionally, Creative Assembly clarifies that it’s essential the hired person will need to have a “deep understanding of third-person action melee combat  as both  a designer and  a  player” as well as good knowledge of “motion and animation design.”

It’s also stated that the new project will need someone who has experience delivering a Game as a Service – meaning the mystery title will likely include monetized features.

Creative Assembly has yet to publicly announce it’s developing a new triple-A title and seeing as how it’s still looking for a senior combat designer, progress is likely in the early stages.

Last month, Sega announced Hyenas, a new multi-platform multiplayer shooter from the Total War developer. The game is set to on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2023.


In other news, a No Man’s Sky community has created its own cryptocurrency for players who have reached the endgame.

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