Creator of five-year-old ‘Wordle’ app donates surprise proceeds to charity

The case of mistaken identity was resolved with a donation to a charity promoting literacy skills

A developer of an app that’s been called Wordle for five years has donated his profits to charity after discovering that people are mistaking it for the current viral trend game.

As reported by GamesRadar, developer Steven Cravotta shared on Twitter that he created an app called Wordle when he was 18, but abandoned it when it didn’t succeed in the way that he was hoping for.

Cravotta then said he was “shook” to discover that 200,000 people had downloaded his app in the last week. That’s because people were mistaking it for another game called Wordle, the free browser-based game that has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks.


Cravotta explained that when developer Josh Wardle’s game went viral, articles started covering it without specifying that it was browser-based, so people started looking for Wardle’s version of Wordle and instead found his.

Once the case of mistaken identity was solved, Cravotta reached out to Wardle to see if “this very strange, once in a lifetime scenario” could be turned into “something amazing”.

This has resulted in the proceeds for Cravotta’s Wordle being donated to ‘Boost! West Oakland’, an organisation “that focuses on literacy for youth”.

Meanwhile, Wardle said that Cravotta “reached out to me unprompted and asked about donating the proceeds,” adding that he was a “class act”.

Not all Wordle developers have dealt with the trend in the same fashion – last week, someone who recreated Wordle with a paid version received backlash for “shamelessly” cloning the game for profit.


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