Critically acclaimed ‘Immortality’ is coming to Netflix Games

"We are taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it's the best possible experience"

Immortality, the interactive film video game from Sam Barlow, is set to come to Netflix Games.

Immortality was released yesterday (August 30) for PC and Xbox Series X|S, but a tweet from developer Half Mermaid confirmed that the title “will be coming very soon to Apple and Android devices on Netflix.”

“We are taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it’s the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world.”


“Similarly, the Mac version of Immortality is waiting in the wings and will be with you as soon as we can get it to you,” they added.

Netflix Games is included with all Netflix subscriptions, but earlier this year it was reported that fewer than one per cent of Netflix subscribers are playing the games included with the TV and film streaming service.

However, Netflix is reportedly set to expand its offering to 50 titles by the end of the year.

It comes as Netflix has also started hiring for a possible cloud gaming service and added a username system to its gaming section. The description for these game handles mentions the ability to invite friends via their game handles and leaderboard functionality for games. However, these features are not yet available.


In a five-star review of Immortality, NME wrote: “By uncovering the mystery of Marissa Marcel through the very visual language of cinema with both intuitive and tactile controls, Immortality raises a new high bar on what’s possible with video and game mechanics. Anchored by its cast’s stellar performances, a script and production that perfectly captures the film genres and eras depicted, this is an arthouse masterpiece destined for, well, immortality.”

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