Take a first look at ‘Crucible’, Amazon’s free sci-fi shooter

Launching May 20 via Steam

Amazon’s sci-fi shooter, Crucible, will finally release this May after years of development. Amazon took to YouTube to release a new “First Look” trailer that revealed the game’s launch date, as well as more details about the game itself.

Per the trailer, Crucible, developed by Amazon’s Relentless Studios, will arrive on PC on May 20 via Steam, and will be free to play. A release on other consoles has not yet been announced.


First unveiled back in 2016 at TwitchCon, Crucible is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter that will come with ten playable characters and three game modes when it launches. Besides competing against other players, gamers will have to fend for themselves against the alien NPCs that inhibit the environment they’re playing in, resulting in a unique blend of PvP and PvE gameplay.

The game revolves around the collection of Essence, the in-game currency, with which players will be able to level up and upgrade their characters’ abilities and weapons. The game will come with three playable modes: Heart Of The Hives, Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters.

Heart Of The Hives is a 4v4 race to collect the hearts left behind by monstrous hive creatures. Harvester Command is an 8v8 mode, in which teams earn points by capturing and holding Essence Harvesters – the first team to earn 100 points wins. Alpha Hunters is a Battle Royale of sorts that will see eight pairs of players duke it out to be the last ones standing.

In other multiplayer shooter news, Apex Legends will debut a new character next week when Season 5 launches. Loba Andrade received a new cinematic trailer today, showcasing some of her abilities, while digging deeper into her history with another character, Revenant.

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