‘Crusader Kings 3’ update is finally adding same-sex marriages

Feudalistic equality

Crusader Kings 3 will be adding same-sex marriage in its next update, 1.5, a feature that has been highly requested by fans.

The update, arriving alongside The Royal Court DLC, will finally give players the option for same-sex couples in the game on February 8. Up until now, it has only been possible to have same-sex relationships in Crusader Kings 3 through mods, not by any official means. As of right now, you do have the option at the beginning of a campaign to set rules for how same-sex relationships are viewed by different cultures.

Crusader Kings 3. Credit: Paradox Interactive.


As a default, most cultures have a negative view of same-sex relationships in Crusader Kings 3. You can currently make it so that each different faith is accepting of same-sex relationships, but marriage was only possible through mods. Now, thanks to this update, there will no longer be a need for mods.

Part of the reason that same-sex relationships took so long to be added to Crusader Kings 3 is the complicated game logic systems in place. The rules surrounding feudal marriage and succession made it difficult to incorporate, but clearly Paradox Interactive found a way to make it work.

The Royal Court DLC, also being released February 8, will allow players to petition a king or queen for help, if they need it. You can ask for help on things like settling a debt, requesting a title or council position, or dismantling a powerful faction. The Royal Court DLC will cost £23.79.

The latest dev diary goes into more detail about the DLC and free update for Crusader Kings 3, as well as providing some other details. Most notably, the 1.5 update will include an in-game courtroom scene editor, so you can position characters by changing rules that decide who stands where.

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