‘CS: GO’ releases six eclectic new Music Kits, including a metal/polka mashup

The new releases feature the composers of Journey, Assassins Creed, Rakuen, and more

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has released the Tacticians Music Kit box, featuring six new Music Kits from various video game composers.

CS: GO’s Music Kits are an inclusion from 2014 that allow players to customise the soundtrack of the game. The premise is different from merely streaming music over the game, as each Music Kit fully ‘reskins’ the entire soundtrack. This means that each loading screen, death screen, or any of the other in-game events with music are given a specific composition per pack.

Music Kits were originally intended to allow players to “establish their identity” in CS: GO, allowing them to share their Kit with anyone on their server. The Kits also include a special MVP anthem that everyone must listen to if a player with the specific pack wins a match.


The new Music Kits coming to CS: GO come in a pack called the Tacticians Music Kit box, encompassing an array of styles and acclaimed video game composers.

The contributing composers include Chipzel, the composer behind Crypt Of The Necrodancer; Jesse Harlin, who composed for multiple Star Wars titles and the Mafia series; Sarah Schachner from the Assassin’s Creed game soundtrack; and Austin Wintory who has won awards for his soundtracks to Journey and The Banner Saga.

Wintory’s pack has been shared on YouTube with some background from the composer. The new CS: GO Music Kit combines metal and polka in an unusual mashup style. The description on the preview video reads, “I decided to see what would happen if I smashed together beer garden-type polka and full-on metal!”

In other CS: GO news, the game has seen a player count drop of close to 17 per cent on Steam since Valve started charging for Prime Status.