‘Cuphead’ fans still haven’t found some of the game’s hidden Easter eggs

Some 'Cuphead' secrets have remained hidden for nearly five years, and 'The Delicious Last Course' will bring even more Easter eggs

Studio MDHR has teased that fans haven’t found every Easter egg in Cuphead, despite the game launching almost five years ago.

Speaking to IGN, Cuphead co-creator Maja Moldenhauer shared that Studio MDHR is a big fan of hiding Easter eggs and references to other games in Cuphead.

When asked if any of these Easter eggs remain to be discovered, Moldenhauer said “people are sleuths and they’ve found I’d say 90 per cent of them, but there’s a couple that we’ve never heard anybody mention.”


Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course. Credit: Studio MDHR.
Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course. Credit: Studio MDHR.

Moldenhauer is perfectly happy for players to find the hidden Easter eggs without any help, and said there would be “no hints” from her.

Cuphead launched in September 2017, which means some of the references buried by Studio MDHR have remained a secret for nearly five years. Soon, there will be even more for players to discover: Cuphead‘s first expansion – Delicious Last Course – is set to launch on June 30, and Moldenhauer teased that “there’s a lot” of references included.

Moldenhauer also explained why Studio MDHR likes to hide references in Cuphead:

“It’s probably one of the most fun things about creating games. They’re all over the place. This is actually one of Jared’s – one of our co-creators – favourite things to do, as he likes to pay homage to his favourite games. It wouldn’t even necessarily have to be something huge, but maybe just something like a background element. When people find them on their own it’s so fun to watch their expressions.”


Earlier in the month, Studio MDHR told NME that it will “hopefully have a few surprises for people in the future“.

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