‘Cuphead’ player climbs largest mountain in Vermont while speedrunning

Which is more challenging, climbing Mount Mansfield or beating the Devil?

Speedrunning YouTuber EasySpeezy recently undertook the challenge of speedrunning Cuphead while simultaneously climbing a mountain.

By duct-taping a gaming laptop to a backpack, EasySpeezy was able to play Cuphead with a wired controller by closely following behind an accomplice wearing the backpack.

The team’s strategy included Easy’s brother calling out obstacles in the speedrunner’s path so he wouldn’t have to look away from Cuphead while climbing. If a particularly challenging climbing section was ahead then Easy would pause the game to focus on climbing and continue after the section had been passed.


The mountain in question is Mount Mansfield, the largest mountain in the state of Vermont. Standing at an intimidating 1,340m, this isn’t an easy feat even without playing Cuphead on the side.

Easy and his companions summited Mount Mansfield at around three hours and 40 minutes into the run. At this point, he is preparing to face Rumor Honeybottoms. After dispatching the bee queen, Easy moves on to face Dr Kahl’s Robot. However, after a few failed attempts to best the robot, he decides to descend the mountain first in order to give the game his full attention at the bottom.

After reaching the bottom at six hours and 20 minutes, Easy played Cuphead in the car ride back to the hotel. However, the laptop’s battery dies a few hours later and an additional hour drive was needed to charge it.

When everything was said and done, EasySpeezy climbed Mount Mansfield and completed Cuphead in just over eight hours.

In other speedrunning news, Russian speedrunner Mekarazium has admitted his world-record run of the Blade Wolf DLC from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance showcased at Summer Games Done Quick 2022 was faked via a video splicing method.

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